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Business objects dashboard manager

Business objects dashboard manager

It’s not an easy task to maintain consistent views of business performance throughout your organization. But it is vital to ensure that everyone has the same information so they can focus on delivering on the same goals. In order to make sound decisions quickly, you need to be able to provide users with the right information—when they want it, in the way they need it. Business Objects Dashboard Manager offers metrics, alerting, and dashboard management capabilities to help you monitor and understand your business activities.

Dashboards leverage your existing business intelligence (BI) infrastructure and are easy to build, user friendly, and provide deeper analysis. Management dashboards allow organizations to track metrics, gain insight from underlying analysis, and alter business rules as conditions change. With advanced alerting and a metrics engine, Dashboard Manager gives users throughout the organization a consistent, up-to-date way to monitor critical business areas.

Dashboard Manager makes it easy to deliver dashboards across the enterprise by helping organizations:

  •  Monitor business performance
  •  Understand business drivers
  •  Deploy personalized dashboards

Drive Better Decision Making

Business Objects Dashboard Manager gives organizations visibility into their critical business activities through an easy-to-use and build dashboard interface. It offers:

  • Drag and drop dashboard building capabilities
  • Metrics engine to track and monitor critical business measures
  • Flexible rules engine to create alerts
  • Analytic templates to provide extreme insight into the business
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