Intelligence dashboard Business intelligence

Intelligence dashboard

This Executive Dashboard was built using Analyzer Business Intelligence software from Strategy Companion Corp. (SCC).  It features several different CPM component types for display and management of Key Performance Indicators […]

Business intelligence healthcare Business intelligence

Business intelligence healthcare

Operational Dashboards and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) WebFOCUS operational dashboards monitor business activities in real time and allow organizations to maintain, optimize, and improve business processes and logistical efficiencies. People […]

Business Intelligence & Reporting Business intelligence

Business Intelligence & Reporting

With access to up-to-date information and powerful analysis and reporting tools, employees can monitor performance, analyze trends and spot potential problems before they occur. Deliver meaningful insight across your organization […]

HR KPI dashboard HR employee

Performance management software

visualintellect is one of the leading Human Resources HR Software on the market today, visualmetrics HR software providers has been delivering HR software solutions for organizations of every size and […]